Flora and Fauna


VegetacióMost of the territory is covered by forest, except in areas of poor soil, on the cliff faces, and in cultivated areas (of cereals, hazels and vegetable gardens). All the native species of tree are found here, except the fir and mountain pine, though one may find some isolated examples. Thus there are forests of Portuguese, Cornish, Downy, and Pyrenean Oak. The last mentioned is found more or less in the region of the Tossal de la Baltasana (Reserva Natural Parcial del Barranc del Titllar i del Tossal de la Baltasana). It is the only Pyrenean Oak forest in Catalonia and is of exceptional biogeographic importance.  There are also many holm and holly oaks as well many types of pine, including the Scots pine which grows in the highest lying and shady areas, Aleppo Pines, black pines and stone pines. The yew forests sheltering an abundance of holly undergrowth are also of great interest and protected in Catalonia.

Lastly, the chestnut forests, which were mainly introduced for the nuts but which have adapted perfectly to the flinty soil, transform the countryside with their coat of ochres and yellows in the autumn.

More or less isolated examples of the following can also be found: Montpellier maple, common hawthorn, common hazel and boxwood, amongst others.



The diverse range of climates in the Prades Mountains gives rise to a biodiversity which is greater than almost any other Catalan range. The microclimates range from the typically Mediterranean to continental European and give us almost three hundred different vertebrates (birds, fishes, amphibians, reptiles and mammals). Amongst these can be found: the largest colony of Bonelli’s Eagle on the continent, the Golden Eagle, the short-toed Eagle, the Peregrine Falcon (the fastest vertebrate on Earth) and the European Eagle Owl (the largest nocturnal bird of prey in Europe). Other birds include the European Nuthatch, the European Bee-eater, the White-Throated Dipper, the European Nightjar, the Northern Goshawk, the Tawny Owl, and the Long-eared Owl. There are also various types of bat, including the Greater and Mediterranean Horseshoe, Schreiber’s, and the long-fingered, grey long-eared, and common bats. As far as reptiles are concerned, we can mention the southern smooth snake, the adder, the salamander, the common midwife toad, and the gecko. Mammals include the squirrel, the garden dormouse, the shrew, wild boar in abundance, the badger, roe deer, wild cats, the weasel and the rabbit.

Vegetació     Vegetació